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Resurfacing Swimming Pools

Due to a number of reasons, mainly the lack of composite technology, older pools (fiberglass) tend to need to be resurfaced.

Blistering – Cobalting – Checking –  Extreme Wearing – These are all signs of an aging pool.

With today’s technology and money invested, the composite industry is making resins far superior than were made even 10 years ago.

We only use Vinyl Ester Resin for all of our fiberglass work. 

We also only use the highest quality gel coat and fiberglass materials.

Old fiberglass pools tend to blister badly.

When resurfacing a pool the typical procedure is as follows:

The pool shell is drained and prepped by sanding the entire shell using 26 grit & 40 grit sandpaper, exposing as many blisters as possible.  We apply 3m marine blister repair (approx. 2 gallons) to fill any large blisters.  The pool is again sanded smooth, swept and washed down with acetone to ensure a good bond.  We then apply two layers of fiberglass, using V.E. Resin and let it cure.  The pool is again sanded smooth and an application of 4-5 coats of white gel cost is rolled on.

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