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Pauls Pools - Fiberglass Pool Information

Fiberglass Pools

If you are interested in adding a pool, you will want to research the differences between fiberglass pools, concrete pools and vinyl-liner pools. Paul Pulver's Pool and Repair Services feels strongly that fiberglass pools are the best option, and we have facts to back up our choice. What makes fiberglass superior to other pool materials?

  • Fiberglass pools are stronger - Fiberglass pool are 17 times stronger than concrete pools.

  • Fiberglass pool are easier to install and maintain - The process for installing a conrete pool has to take place on-site, which could take months. Fiberglass pools are created off-site. Under ideal conditions, a fiberglass pool will be good to go in just a couple of weeks. Most importantly, fiberglass is easy to maintain; no repainting every few years, no resurfacing (Fiberglass never needs resurfacing!).

  • Fiberglass in-ground pools - People install fiberglass inground pools for several reasons. It's a great way for families to fellowship together with friends and family; improve property value and their surrounding patios are the perfect place to entertain guests.

  • Installng fiberglass in-ground pools - Before choosing a contractor, we recommend that you speak to several in-ground pool contractors. You'll want to find value for your money, however be aware of  "the least expensive offer is not always the BEST". Make sure you look for the contractor's track record, reputation, length of time in the business and finanicial solvency before signing. Experience counts!

  • Easy to Care For - The surface of a fiberglass pool is smooth and non-porous, so it does not alter the water chemistry in any way. This inert surface keeps the pH stable and therefore requires fewer chemicals. Algae and dirt cannot hide in the surface of a fiberglass pool; it merely rests on the surface where it can be easily whisked away.

  • We're a licensed and certified pool contractor in the State of Florida and we hope you'll consider us seriously in your pool installation or repair. We can offer you a great variety of fiberglass pools, as well as sterling service in repairs.

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